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Eduard 41/48 I-16 type 10 piotr Kozachenko China 1938

Я Ксан Берасатеги французская мо...
27.10.14 19:51

loocking for chinese I-16 type 10 pics

I'm loocking for pic's of chinese I-16 type 10. it's quite hard... The only few I fonded don't give much indication. I'm triying to find a plane with 1938 color, without black nose. I read that the...
23.8.14 17:47

I-15 rest model 1/48 spanish civil war Northern front 1937

Hi! I am Xan, french modeler. The model represent an I-15 in the front North in basque Country in 1937. This was the situation i 1937: http://nsm08.casimages.com/img/2014/06/01//140601121259147...
3.6.14 16:41

поиск информации И-16 тип 4 1/48

Здравствуйте, я Xan Берасатегу французский (Басков) Modeler. Мне нужно 3 информация: 1) У кого-нибудь знает, если покой моделей когда-либо созданных И-16 тип 4 (Rm 4808) в масштабе 1/48? http...
10.10.13 11:44

Searching information about the 13th sq. Navy baltic I-16

Hello from France and happy chrismas to all of you! I'm looking for more information for my new project about the 13-th separated squadron of the 61th Aviation brigade of the USSR navy Baltic fleet...
27.12.12 20:04

RIP Roland de la Poype is gone

http://www.cieldegloire.com/as_france/images/poype01.jpg Today is a sad day, Roland de la Poype aged of 92 years is gone. The Normandie-Niemens regiment is complete up there. The last pilot of thi...
24.10.12 20:33

yak-9 Normandie: the last pics

Hi, I'm Xan Berastegui a french (basque) modeler here the first of the three yak-9 I'm building. The two other are the ICM one and the LTD one I paint it with Akan paints this is a yak-9D in resi...
24.4.12 02:31

khlobystov's P-40c 147 IAP Murmansk 1942 left side pic ?

Hello, is there any picture of the left side of this plane ? http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/4082/p40khlobystovcq3.jpg is this profile based on a pic ? http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:A...
4.4.12 11:24

two vacu formed yak-3 1/48 do you know them ?

hello, I'm Xan Berasategui french (basque) modeler I saw those two vacuformed kits in the web: yak-3 Exact-vac 1/48 http://nsa22.casimages.com/img/2012/02/13/120213035700201949.jpg yak-3...
13.2.12 21:39

asking for information about an I-16

Привет я Ксан, французская модель...
21.6.11 12:16
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