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Special Hobby 1/72

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It is my pleasure to use this opportunity now to say our huge thank you to all our customers for their cooperation and support in 2021. The year that has just passed was a very successful year for our company and we hope for no less in the new year, too. Why so? Well, do believe me that all the models we have in the pipeline for 2022 are no less attractive than those we released past year. You can start looking for the whole new family of the 1/72 MirageIII/5 kits, yet one more version of the massive (and massively successful, too) 1/72 Sunderland kit, believe me or not, the first releases of the two-stage Mosquitos are expected as well. The SH team are also working on a new Hudson tooling, and mentioning the quarter scale, we will have for you the gun turret- and bomb bay-equipped version of the Siebel Si 204E/Aero C-3B and also a whole new Baltimore in several versions, plus the Piper L-4, SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 and a somewhat improved Heinkel He 177. The crème de la crème will no doubt be the1/48 scale AH-1G Cobra kit. And no worries here please, the Q version will be released as well, just a bit later. Work on the Fiat G.50B Bicommando has also already started, plus on one surprise thing, which allow me to mention sometimes next. Our list of models scheduled for this year’s release is in the attachment to this Newsletter. The coming CMK resin sets as well as the direct 3D print sets will be made public bit by bit during the year.

A. Riedel


SH72352 - Dassault Mirage IIIC/CJ
SH72152 - Fairey Albacore Mk.I
SH72452 - de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito PR.Mk.XVI
SH72448 - Junkers Ju 87D-5 Stuka "Foreign Service"
SH72478 - Junkers Ju-87D-5/N/D-8 Stuka - "Night Attack Stukas"
SH72462 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E-Trop/E-7 Trop
SH72336 - de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW Mk.I/II re-release the MPM/Xtrakit
SH72425 - Lockheed Hudson Mk.IV/V/VI
SH72436 - Curtiss-Wright CW-21 Demon
SH72457 - Bugatti-De Monge 100P
SH72471 - Aero Ab-11
SH72460 - Douglas P-70 Nighthawk
SH72450 - North-American AT-6B/C/D/F/G Texan

Про Sea Vixen кто, что скажет?
https://www.scalemates.com/fr/kits/mpm-production-72545-havilland-sea-vixen-faw1--112 221

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Тут почитайте про Sea Vixen
http://scalemodels.ru/articles/1265-obzor-Xtrakit-i-Frog-1-72-Sea-Vixen-FAW-2-D-3---o pt-dvojjka.html

А Albacore, Bugatti и Demon в новой инкарнации от SH - это интересно!
Странно, а Mitsubishi Ki-21-I ko ? Уже даже рендеры были засвечены...

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Flight писал(а):


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Новая коробка Bf109E-7 Trop: https://www.specialhobby.net/2022/01/sh72462-messerschmitt-bf-109e-7trop.html
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