Новинки Wolfpak Decals: июнь 2011

SDA | Раздел: Анонсы Дата:  16.6.11

# Компания Wolfpak Decals опубликовала информацию о своих новых релизах.

Декаль №72-045:
F-16C of the 138th FS, 174th FW from Syracuse with two tail markings options.
A-10C from the 163rd FS, Fort Wayne with the snake head on the nose.
MQ-9 of the 138th AS, 174th FW at Syaracuse.
F-105G Sam Killer from Takhli, a HU-16B from the 37th RQS at Danang.
F-16AM from the 730th Eskadrille of the Royal Danish Air Force.
Декаль 72-046
F-16ADF’s from the alert detachment at Langley AFB on September 11, 2001
F-15C of the 131st FS at Barnes ANGB.
F-102A of either the 82nd FIS at Naha, Okinawa or 64th at Danang.
E-3A from the 961st AACS at Kadena.

Купить эти декали можно напрямую у производителя - http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WolfPak_home.html

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